Need Childcare Help Immediately? I Have An Awesome Solution!

Your nanny just quit.  Your daycare isn’t working.  You need childcare help immediately and I’ve got you covered.

I have many really amazing in-country au pairs who can help you right now. In-country au pairs are currently with a US family, and for some reason the au pair is not meeting the needs of the family.

Some common reasons I’ve seen recently are:

  • Family needs more than 45 hours of childcare
  • English is not strong enough, but your family may be more patient and willing to help this au pair.
  • Driving is not strong enough but you don’t need a driver or you’re willing to be patient as the au pair learns to tackle our enormous vehicles.  I’ve seen some families absolutely appalled at the driving of an au pair yet she goes on to drive daily without incident for another family.
  • Personality conflict.  I can easily say, it takes two.  Often times there are unrealistic expectations, micromanaging and more that leads to a break down of the relationship.
  • Family is not suitable for program.  They may expect the au pair to work more than the 45 hour rule will allow. They may not be able to communicate effectively or provide a suitable schedule.
*We list the exact reasons and all perspectives as to why the relationship did not work.  We always encourage you to interview references too including the local LCC and the host family.

These au pairs are eager to please. They desperately want the next family to be a successful fit, and so they work really hard. I see it daily with four of my current in-country au pairs thriving with new families.

You’re in luck. Here are a list of my favorite au pairs who are currently available and my recommendation for a great family fit.

Kasia: A 24 year old Polish au pair who is looking to be a part of the family.  She is fit and active, plays soccer, volleyball and cycles. She loves photography and used to maintain a photo blog.  She’d like a family with 1 to 3 kids, and babies are great since she is infant qualified with many infant hours.  Kasia is open, responsible, caring, flexible and hardworking.  Full of energy too.  I don’t think you can go wrong with her.  She’s available until October 2017.

Daniela: Daniela is in rematch because the host family schedule didn’t comply with Department of State regulations.  She’s a 21 year old Colombian who is easy going, social and enthusiastic.  She loves to do arts and crafts with her kids and teach them how to paint and draw.  In her free time, you may find her curled up reading a book or making cakes and empanadas.  I think she would make a great fit for a family with older kids.  Available until January 2018.

Marketa:  She is 24 year old au pair from the Czech Republic. You can read more about the benefits of hosting a Czech au pair here.  She is active and loves all kinds of sports including snowboarding.  Her childcare is above and beyond any other.  Her driving is excellent, she is infant qualified and she is comfortable with big families. She just needs a little more time to improve her English and she’s willing to take classes.  She’s available for 10 more months.

Berhnard:  A mature 25 year old Austrian au pair.  He is an excellent driver and has strong references.  You’ll find him outside and active with his kids playing all kinds of sports.  He loves to take his kids to the beach or for a swim.  He’s currently caring for a 7 year old girl and a 10 year old boy. He is available until December 2017 and wants to extend for antoher year.

Katherine:  A 26 year old Colombian who needs a little extra help with her English.  She has over 2,000 infant hours and is recommended by her family and her local LCC.  She has great experience with kids ages 2-10 during her time of working in a daycare.  She positive and social and enjoys traveling, reading and spending time outdoors. I think Katherine would make a great fit for any family from little babies to school aged kids.

Act quickly, these au pairs only have two weeks to find a family.

To learn more about the au pair program, you can read more here.  And definitely call me at (775) 560-1237. I’d love to help these au pairs find a family soon.

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