How to Secure Your Summer Childcare Right Now!

If you’ve left your summer childcare until the last minute, you’ll want to interview Neus immediately.  Neus, 24 from Spain has had an amazing year with a family in Seattle and dreams of finding a very welcoming family in LA or San Diego.  

She has excelled, bonded and provided piece of mind to two working parents this past year. She’d like to extend for 6 months beginning in early July.

She’s a lover of the outdoors, active, fit and an accomplished athlete.  She has coached volleyball in college and regularly participates in triathlons.

A little more about Neus:

•She loves reading, acting, cooking and traveling.

•Excellent experience and prefers the toddler age.

•Experienced and cautious driver.

•She enjoys teaching kids the value of doing things themselves.

This is a full-time, live-in position:

•45 hours per week, just over $8.50 per hour (per family, not per child)

•Au pairs can also do light housekeeping, laundry, and cooking related to the children.

Her current host family raves about her and will truly miss her.  Here is what they say:

My 3 year old daughter loves playing with Neus’ clothes, makeup and nail polish. She loves that Neus actually LETS her do those things! Lucas likes that Neus is sweet with him. She plans special treats for the kids if they have good behavior. The baby is very attached to her. Neus has been a great addition to our family. She clicked with the children really quickly. They love spending time with her and actually throw fits when we have other babysitters watch them for date night!

To learn more about Neus or other available au pairs, contact Clara at (775) 560-1237.

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Friday, 2 June 2017 5:49 PM


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