I Love You Miss Dafne: A Reno Au Pair of the Year Nomination

We are the Bocchi family, and now have had the pleasure of having an au pair for almost 2 years now. We got the opportunity to meet Dafne in Mexico 2 weeks before she arrived in the states to live with us. We were on a family vacation in Mexico and she came to meet us and spend some time with us. We knew from the moment we met her she had a huge heart and instantly bonded with the kids!

Dafne arrived in Reno from Mexico on April 1st, 2016, which was my 38th birthday, and what a wonderful way to celebrate! We are a very adventurous family and we love traveling and learning about others cultures, so the idea of having an au pair was exciting!

Keira our daughter really takes to people right away and Dafne soon became her side-kick. Dafne spends hours with her drawing, coloring, reading- both stories in English and Spanish, having tea parties, playing games, and baking.

Kipton on the other hand takes a while to warm up to people. He was reluctant to get close to Dafne, but soon realized that was incredibly hard because she was so amazing to be around! Just as much as she can play dolls with Keira, she can play dinosaurs, and race cars with Kipton, go on bike rides, play hide and seek, as well as soccer and skiing.

My heart melts now when I hear him say “I love you Miss Dafne!” We have traveled to several places, so she could also get the most out of her time here in the United States. We made so many memories and had quite a few laughs along the way.

We love hearing stories from her about her life growing up in Mexico, her family and culture. She is a beautiful person, and we feel so lucky to have had the opportunity for her to share her life with us.

Dafne has been like our guardian angel the last year and half, and is always 10 steps ahead of me. We have no reservations about leaving our kids with her, as we know and trust that they are in amazing hands.

We have grown so much as a family, and learned so much from this experience with her. Dafne has so much patience, love, laughter and passion for life to share, and what a blessing for my kids to have her as a role model.

She too has grown so much, learned English fluently, made a ton of friends, has a serious boyfriend, learned to ski, and wakeboard, and wants to pursue her dream of owning a bakery.

Its hard to imagine our life without her as she is absolutely a part of the Bocchi family. Without a doubt this experience is something we will carry with us our entire life, and know we will always remain close with her as she is someone we love and wish nothing but the best for her. We can’t thank her enough for the influence she has had on ours and our children’s lives!

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Wednesday, 7 February 2018 8:27 PM


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