A Worthy Welcome to your Au Pair’s Year!

Welcoming your au pair can be fun for the entire family, and also sets the tone for a super fun and successful year.  After traveling to the training school and then flying to your home, most au pairs are exhausted and it won’t be long until they collapse into their beds for a good night of rest.  Why not give her room a bit of extra attention and care so it’s ready for her year ahead?

Welcoming gifts can be simple like a small gesture of a special coffee or chocolate with homemade notes from the kids.  Or you may choose to put together a nice basket with an arrangement of local goods.  So what is the best way to welcome your new au pair?  There are so many ways to express your excitement and appreciation for your au pair and her traveling across the world to join your family.  Although there is not one right way, I’ll share a few of my favorites.

Her First Night with You:

A great and casual welcome dinner like pizza or spaghetti is perfect.  Sometimes her flight may be delayed so keep it simple that first night and save that fancy dinner for following night.  Add a few streamers, balloons and maybe even a few favorite goodies from her home country for the dinner table.

At the Airport:

Most families greet the au pairs at the airport with a bunch of balloons, some flowers and definitely signs from the kids.

In the Bedroom:

A basket filled with welcoming gifts is a fantastic idea to show how excited you are for her arrival.  Here are some ideas that you can include in your basket:  Pampering goods like lotions, chapstick, nail polish.  Food items like chocolate, teas, gum or mints.  The pratical like a Pategonia Jacket: (with the Pategonia Outlet now in downtown Reno, splurging for a warm jacket for our cold winter months is an excellent idea.) UNR themed goodies like a mug, water bottle, hat or sweatshirt is always a big hit.

Decorating her room

The au pair’s online account has many pictures of her with friends and family.  Printing off a few and framing them for her bedroom adds a familiar and thoughtful touch.

And the Business of Getting Settled

It’s also nice to have the important parts of her job ready and organized too.  Why not have it all in one place?  Include a copy of your House Rules, your schedule for the next few days, a calendar, or your Daily Communication Log, a notebook or journal.


And please share your ideas too.  I’d love to add to the list.  Text or call me at (775) 560-1237.

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Tuesday, 5 February 2019 7:00 AM


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